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Supervisory program approval from Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training  
Jul 13, 2012  

Supervisory program approval from Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training
For Industrial Construction Crew Supervisor program

UA Canada/NAUSC Foreman Certification Program - June 28th, 2012

The National Association of Union Schools and Colleges is pleased to announce that the 40 hour Foreman Certification Program that was developed in association with UA Canada and leaders in the construction industry is nearing a milestone of completing training for 1000 Foreman across Canada.

We submitted our course to the Alberta government for approval through AAIT and the following recommendation from the Industrial Construction Crew Supervisor (ICCS) occupational committee was approved at the June 28, 2012 AAIT Board meeting, by the Board.

“That the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board approve validation of the United Association Canada (of Plumbers and Pipefitters) Foreman Certification Training Program to meet the supervisory component of training for certification, where it is taken in conjunction with an approved safety leadership training program.”

“This approval means that the UA Canada / NAUSC ``Foreman Certification Training Program” can be used as one of the approved supervisory leadership courses for certification as an industrial construction crew supervisor. The candidate applying for certification would still be required to meet the remaining qualifications for certification including: the completion of an approved safety leadership course (currently offered by the Alberta Construction Safety Association), the requirement of on the job experience, and successful completion of the government administered, industry examination.”

We accomplished this through:

- Involvement from representatives of the Sarnia Construction Association, AECON, Imperial Oil, Suncor, Shell, Irving, Lockerbie and Hole, just to name just a few
- Ensuring the program was designed by working foremen
- Instilling values into the program model that it had to train trades people on how to begin their journey to the next level of responsibility and productivity in the workplace as a supervisor
- Placing the focus on productivity in conjunction with safety as the basis for the success of this program
- Polling the Participants on what they thought about the program and they responded saying that it was both valuable and useful for the job and time well spent. We asked Employers about the results and they said that communication was improved and their supervisors were working together more efficiently as a result
- Ensuring that the course is available to all construction trades workers through the network of 35 NAUSC certified training centers across Canada that are available for delivery
- Offering this program for custom delivery on site or at any location for Industry upon request
- Providing a model for delivery of the UA Foreman Certification Program that will be the model for the future of leadership training in the construction industry, which we will continue to use to train people for success

For information on this course or any questions or comments, please contact us by visiting our website at

Larry Slaney
Executive Director



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