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Winners Announced! 2012 National Apprenticeship Competition  
Jun 12, 2012  

The 5th annual UA Canada National Apprenticeship Competition was recently held at Local 46 in Toronto Ontario June 4th to 8th, 2012. This event was preceded by three regional competitions that were hosted by the New Brunswick JATC on behalf of Local 325 and 213 in Miramichi, Local 552 in Windsor Ontario, and Local 179 in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. These events have competitors that complete practical and theory assignments for the Steamfitter,Plumber, Welder, Sprinklerfitter and HVACR trades. Five winners in total are selected and are sent from each region to the national event. The national event then hosts five finalists in each trade with skills projects that test their knowledge of the trades and the winners are selected from this group as national champions. These five will represent Canada in August at the International Apprenticeship Competition in Ann Arbor Michigan.

The awards luncheon was hosted on Friday, after all of the hard work was done by the Apprentices, where the winners of the competition were announced and the achievements of the 15 Apprentices involved were highlighted. In attendance were UA Staff, members, Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada representatives, and trustees of the Canadian Training Fund, to name a few. We want to thank Terry Snooks, Business Manager of Local 46 and all of his staff as well as Vince Kacaba, Training Director for Local 46 JATC, and the training staff for their hard work in making the event a great success. They know the meaning of a days’ work and made this one of the smoothest running events we have had to date. Congratulations go to Local 46 for having such a great team.

The five winners for the competition are as follows:

Steamfitter – Local 463 – Reid Percy
Plumber – Local 527 – Ben Wagner
Welder – Local 552 – Mike Purdy
Sprinklerfitter – Local 56 – Brandon Edgar
HVACR – Local 488 – Dennis Cowan

2013 UA Canada National Apprenticeship Competition

The next national competition will be held at Local 46 once again on June 10th‐ 14th, 2013. Please mark your calendars for this event next year. This event in the past has been held at various local unions across Canada, however this year a decision was made to hold the national event at Local 46 for the foreseeable future in the interests of centralizing the efforts for hosting this event and giving it a stable location for planning purposes and logistics. The regional competition events will still be moving to different locations each year and these will be announced at a later date this year. I look forward to seeing you at these events.

Fraternally Yours,
Larry Slaney
UA Canadian Office

Cc… John Telford – Director of Canadian Affairs, UA



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