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2011 UA National Apprenticeship Competition | Kitchener-Waterloo  
Jul 12, 2011  

The 4th annual UA Canada National Apprenticeship Competition was held in Kitchener Waterloo on June 14th 2011 with representatives from across Canada participating in the event. John Germann is the Business Manager for Local 527 in Kitchener Waterloo who, along with his Training Director Ray Lemieux and their staff, provided a fantastic venue for the competition with all of the requirements for a successful event. A professional venue in their training center, attendance by representatives from industry/government/suppliers, provision of outstanding tools and equipment, and an awards ceremony that was truly great as it gave the Apprentices their rightful recognition as our future leaders.

In attendance at the Apprenticeship competition and the awards ceremony from the UA in Washington were General President Bill Hite, Assistant General President Steve Kelly, Administrative Assistant to the General President Mark McManus, Senior Administrative Assistant to the General President Sean O’Ryan. The Canadian Office had Director of Canadian Affairs John Telford, Assistant to the General President Larry Cann and many of the International and Special Representatives from the UA in Canada.

There are competitions for the major trade categories that are part of the UA in Steamfitter, Welder, Plumber, HVACR and Sprinklerfitter. Leading up to the national event are regional competitions that are held in different locations every year. For Western Canada it was held at Local 254 in Winnipeg, Central Canada (Ontario and Quebec) and Eastern Canada. The five winners from each of the three regions then compete in the national event with five Canadian Champions resulting.

The work that these apprentices perform during the regional competitions, and in the national event, requires Apprentices that can focus on the unknown challenges that we give them, adapt to whatever is presented very quickly, and complete the work required using their skills learned in an apprenticeship program and on the job. Every UA Apprentice that we have had competing in these events to date has shown us that we are on the right track to developing professional and dedicated workers for our clients owners and contractors. These members have shown the highest levels of skills that we have in our organization and I am proud to say that this has been the case with participants from across the country. The Regional winners are in the same category as the national winners, and the difference between the finalists and them is very small, and requires very good judges during a competition event to document. We know that they are all winners and we have the enormous task of trying to identify these individuals to come up with a set of finalists.

The UA Canada National and Regional Apprenticeship Competitions are held every June in many different locations across the country. Next year the national competition will be hosted at Local 46 in Toronto ON. The Western Region will be at Local 179 in their Saskatoon SK training center. The Central Regional event will be at Local 552 in Windsor ON, and the Eastern Regional event will be at Local 324 in Miramichi NB.

Congratulations to our Canadian Champions. They are the future of our organization and will be involved in development of future competitions and also as judges at our next event at Local 46 in Toronto June 2012. See you there.

Dave DeRaadt – Sprinkler 853Brandon Lloyd - Welder 527Jeremy Brown - Steamfitter 46
Justin Gordon - Plumber 170Ryan Dowswell - HVACR 787

Larry Slaney
Director of Canadian Training



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