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UA Canada Signs Agreement with the Canadian Green Building Council  
Feb 26, 2010  

UA Canada and its 35 local unions has just finalized a national agreement with the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) for a two year term. This agreement will see us working together to develop training programs for our training centers across the country that meet the requirements for their standards, and our industry. This is an opportunity to deliver CaGBC certified training to over 50,000 UA members in Canada.

UA Canada has begun development of a “Green Construction 101” Train the Trainer course that will provide the information required for certified Instructors to prepare tradespersons and construction workers with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to participate fully in “Green” and Sustainable Construction projects in Canada. This course of action will be implemented under the requirements of the National Association of Union Schools and Colleges (NAUSC) who will audit and certify the individuals participating. The CaGBC is also there to make sure that the content and testing requirements meets the strict standards for sustainable construction projects in Canada.

The Green Construction 101 course will include how to identify critical practices while working on sustainable project sites and the project management process for Green Construction. Roles and Responsibilities of the Green Construction Worker will be identified as well for the Commercial, Institutional, and Residential construction sectors. The Integrated Green Project Team concept will be studied throughout the course to enable workers to navigate within sustainable project requirements, and will include concepts of the Green Building Standards rating system. This course will serve as a knowledge foundation upon which to continue the necessary education process for participants to move to the next level of training and to fulfill the prerequisites to qualify to write LEED Green Associated Professional credential examinations in the future.

The next phase of this new agreement with the CaGBC will be to work with Industry groups to develop the necessary profile for a course that will fit the needs of the workplace for the Contractor side of the equation, with a program for “Green Standards for Construction Professionals” that will be available for the Engineers, Designers, Auditors, Administration, and all of the other professionals that are part of the process of developing and delivering finished construction projects.

The provision of these training programs for all groups involved in the construction process is required to ensure that we as industry partners deliver a quality product to our clients. Our mandate has always been to deliver on time and on budget, but it now includes the sustainability factor of green technologies. We intend to work with our partners in progress along with the CaGBC and NAUSC to deliver qualified and certified “green” professionals. The UA looks forward to a sustainable future for the construction industry.



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