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Foreman Certification Program  
Feb 26, 2010  

The SCA, Clients, Owners, Contractors, and the rank and file members of the Building Trades have accepted this new program and are making it work in the Sarnia valley. The SCA paid for the entire development and delivery process from start to finish because of their commitment to the principles of this important program for increased productivity and safety in the workplace. The UA would like to congratulate them on their forward thinking approach to something that has been long needed across this country, and an effort that will increase the productivity of the workers going forward. The UA would like to especially thank Mike Battye and Rob Taylor for their work on this important initiative and their expertise in helping to make this a reality.

The National Association of Union Schools and Colleges (NAUSC) is a not for profit incorporated organization that has been involved in the process to oversee the program development and delivery, and to bring credibility to this effort with an auditing process to ensure that the SCA and other groups in Canada receive a very good product from this program. NAUSC will ensure that this program delivers a professional group of trainers for the course, and informed foreman that meet the requirements of industry through quality training delivery.

In 2009 the Sarnia Construction Association (SCA) approached the United Association (UA) to consider working with them to develop a Supervisory program for the Sarnia “Valley”, where many large companies refine oil products such as Shell Oil and Imperial Oil. Ross Tius is the Business Manager for UA Local 663 in Sarnia and he approached UA Canadian Office about working with the people at the SCA on this important project. The development process included a round of meetings with the SCA and the Building Trades unions, Contractors, as well as industry experts for the client community. The concept was a program that could be used for all trades for improving safety and productivity through the provision of an industry driven supervisory training course.

In March 2009 Mike Battye of UA Local 463 was asked to participate to develop and deliver the program due to his experience as a Site Superintendent for Aecon by preparing a “nuts and bolts” approach to training for foremen. Rob Taylor, as a training representative of Shell Oil, was asked to join with the group as well to give his input from the client point of view. The Construction Safety Association of Ontario (CSAO) also had representation on the committee. This working group, along with the SCA, worked to finalize the course concepts for the course in conjunction with Building Trades union representatives from all crafts.

In May 2009 a pilot project course was delivered at Local 663 to a group of UA working foremen from local industry that were asked to participate and give feedback on the content of the program. The photo of these working foremen form the Sarnia area companies shows the range of experience and professionalism that we had to draw from when developing this program. They were the basis for the development of the content and validity of the entire initiative. The 40 hour course outline was delivered and supported by the group of foreman as being valid and worthwhile for their workplace. A Train the Trainer course was then developed from this session and packaged for delivery.

In December 2009 the completed Foreman Certification Train the Trainer Program was delivered in Sarnia to a group of Building Trades representatives that included people from UA Local 663, Boilermakers, IBEW, Carpenters, Millwrights, Ironworkers, Sheet Metal, Labourers and Insulators. The program was accepted by the participants, who said there was value and relevancy in the course, and who made a commitment to deliver the training to the prospective foreman in Sarnia. A Foreman Certification Program was then developed for delivery to the rank and file members.

In January and February, 2010 the Train the Trainer courses were expanded to include delivery in:
   • Toronto, ON - Ontario Pipe Trades Council (OPTC) with UA representatives from every local union in Ontario
   • Edmonton, AB – UA Representatives from Edmonton, AB, Regina, SK, Winnipeg MB, Vancouver, BC
   • Saint John, NB - Building Trades representatives including UA, Boilermaker, Electrician, Ironworker, Insulator, Millwright, Labourer
   • St John’s NL - Building Trades representatives from the UA, Bricklayers, Insulators, Operating Engineers, Electricians, Boilermakers, Labourers

In March 2010
   • Foreman Certification Programs are now underway in Sarnia and Edmonton
   • Plans are underway to deliver Foreman Certification Train the Trainer Courses for Building Trades groups in:
     - Halifax NS
     - Victoria BC
     - Winnipeg MB
     - Toronto ON

The process of dealing with industry throughout the country to develop a national program is complicated and all opinions have to be considered to ensure quality and relevance to the workplace. The Foreman Certification Program is the result of all of these things working together to provide our industry with a better product. Skilled supervision for the future of the Building Trades.



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